How can I purchase your products?

Most of our equipment is customized and built to order based off customer’s needs. If you are interested in a product, contact our sales team for a quote. You can email us at or call our office at 609-914-4792.

CryoVation also stocks inventory and spare parts that can be purchased online at a discounted rate. Visit for secure, online shopping.


What are the benefits of switching from manual to an automated/automatic system?

Automation reduces operator error, decreases down time and provides a more accurate fill.


Do you offer technical support after I purchase equipment?



What types of pumps parts do you stock and/or manufacture?

We manufacture and stock parts for all major makes and models, including:

• CryoVation – CV, WCP, W50

• P1600, P1700, P1800, P1100


• SDPD, PD3000, LXR

• Cardox CFU CO2 Pump

• Woodland


What can I do with my pump that is damaged or needs repair?

CryoVation offers a ‘Pump Exchange Program’ in which we send you a replacement pump and you send back your old or damaged pump to be serviced.

The CryoVation Service Technicians are available nationwide to refurbish most Cryogenic, CO2 and N2O pumps. Whether a minor rebuild or a complete “makeover” is needed, we can provide:


• Blasting and Baked Powder-Coating

• Drive & Cold End rebuild

• Motor Testing

• Electrical Control Testing & Refurbishment

• Replacement of Drive Belt

• Testing & Resetting of Relief Valve

• New Belt Guards / Skids


Where can I mail gauges for recalibration?

9B Mary Way

Hainesport, NJ 08036


Be sure to include a PO inside box you send. You can also call our offices and provide a PO and other order details.


What services do you provide?

• Cylinder filling equipment installation

• Vacuum pump repair

• Cryogenic pump repair

• Pump exchanges

• Cylinder filling equipment

• Parts and supplies

• Bulk tank installation

• Technical assistance and advice

• Medical office & hospital piping systems

• Medical tank truck installation

• Plant preventative maintenance

• In-house technician training


Where are you located?


9B Mary Way

Hainesport, NJ 08036


*Service nationwide