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R20 Starboard Racks

  • R20 Cylinder Filling Rack
  • 20 cylinders on 2 declining non-marring surfaces
  • Fills all size portable oxygen cylinders (E’s, D’s and M6’s)
  • Can accommodate special fill head using CGA-540 or CGA-870
  • Cylinder shelves are covered in an air-infused
  • Starboard material that will not scratch your cylinders
  • Medimate quick connects also available


  • Starboard 48-D, (48) Cylinder capacity
  • Dual Sided, 24 cylinder per side
  • Isolation valve, holds cylinders on a 45º to allow elimination of moisture during evacuation
  • Cylinders lie on our new “starboard” shelving and will not scratch or damage the cylinder walls or labeling
  • Powder painted aluminum constructed frame, high pressure brass manifolds come oxygen cleaned and pressure tested
  • Available as a permanent fixture or as a cart. Also available with CGA-870 or CGA-540, includes a reference gauge and isolation valve

High-Capacity Manifold

  • D & E High Capacity Manifold
  • 52-Cylinder capacity. Specially designed for high volume production facilities
  • Comes standard with chrome-plated CGA-870 handtight yokes
  • Includes Non-Marring PVC Shelves
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Each row (4) has an isolation valve
  • Constructed of powder painted aluminum
  • Medimate quick connects can be added at any time

Inverted D Rack

  • 20 cylinder capacity, or larger
  • Modular design
  • Includes 2 non-marring rows of 10 on declining shelves
  • Optional: Fastest Medimate quick connect yokes

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