• Fill-Free 1.0 – Single Product (Pure Oxygen) Semi Automated System
    • The Fill-Free 1.0™ allows the operator to enter the desired DOT fill pressure  and vacuum level, on either the Manifold “A” or “B” set-up screen, and start the fill process. The cylinder temperature is monitored and the ultimate fill pressure is automatically calculated and displayed – the same great features we’ve offered in our fully automated system for the past 15 years.
    • The operator is alerted at zero vent pressure, again for leak check, and a third time when the vacuum level is attained. Once full, the pump is automatically stopped and the operator is again alerted.
    • An optional high-pressure valve may be installed to shut off when full  pressure is attained.
  • Fill-Free 2.5 and 3.0 – Mix Gas Semi Automated System
  • Fill-Free 3.0 – Gravimetric (fill by gram weight)
  • Fill-Free 4.0 – Fully Automated Pure Oxygen Fill System
    • Completely automatic, unattended filling of high pressure oxygen cylinders to 3000 PSI
    • Control system with Mitsubishi PLC controller for all input and output interfacing with all other major components. Ladder logic program is designed, installed, tested and design protected by CryoVation
    • PC Workstation with full-color, “touch-screen” display and WonderWare® (windows based) software. 15” touch-screen monitor. CryoVation designed software for cylinder filling application.
    • Enclosure, NEMA 4, housing all control components, free standing, with pressure transducers, vacuum transducers and thermocouples.
    • Control valve manifold with CPV bronze valves.
    • Audible or visual signaling of leak check requirement.
    • Ethernet connection for remote monitoring.
    • Batch data sheet with required FDA information.
    • Control panel for manual operation and control.
  • Fill-Free 5.0 – Automatic Cylinder Filling Control System
    • Fill-Free 5.0™ Fully Automated Gravimetric Filling System for pure and mixed gases
    • PLC controlled
    • Program is designed, installed, tested by CryoVation
    • Full-color 15” “touch-screen” display
    • 4500 PSI Reference cylinders
    • Enclosure – NEMA 4, housing all control components
    • Air-Actuated Control valve manifold
    • Complete manual over-ride capability
    • Ethernet connection for remote monitoring.
    • Batch data reporting






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