SuperPro™ Pump Protection Control


SuperPro™ Pump Control Panel, to provide the following pump control features all incorporated into a NEMA-4 Enclosure that also includes an Overpressure Switch, Hour Meter and Circuit Breaker.

  • Pump Prime Protection Kit to monitor pump discharge temperature and interrupt operation if temperature rises above, and maintains for 45 seconds, a higher temperature than set point.
  • LiquidSaver, to automatically control liquid flow to a cryogenic pump. LiquidSaver will automatically shut-off liquid to the pump after preset time duration of non-use, thereby reducing the potential for pressure building in the liquid vessel and excessive frosting of the pump.
  • Variable Frequency Controller, to allow manual change in motor speed by changing the frequency of the power to the motor (normally 60 Hz). This allows the pump output to be adjusted to best match the desired flow rate to the cylinders to be filled.
  • UL10 Pump Unloader Kit, to automatically unload excessive high pressure present in the discharge line of the pump prior to start-up, thereby reducing undue wear and stress on the pump






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