Truck and Trailer Fill Systems


  • Truck and trailer enclosed systems are designed for oxygen providers who want to do on-site filling for customers. The system’s capacity ranges from 2,500 scfh to 5,000 scfh. On site, providers are able to vent, evacuate and fill any size high-pressure cylinders with a selection of manifolds to meet demands for capacity and space.
  • The system pumps from a standard liquid cylinder (45 gallon, 250 psi) (or larger) to minimize product losses. The standard loss rate for competitive systems is about 30% to cool down and transfill to a separate dewar.
  • Flow rates of 2,500 scfh to 5,000 scfh
  • Built-in safety features include over-pressure and under-temperature shut-off switches, high-pressure safety relief valve and over-pressurization vacuum line safety
  • Fills all size medical cylinders (manifolds are sold separately)








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