Vacuum Pumps


Alcatel 2021 SD

  • Dual Stage Rotary Vane
  • Universal Motor 115-245 VAC 50/60hz
  • Replaceable shaft seal without dismantling
  • Less air contamination and low oil consumption
  • Alignment pins on pump module
  • Easy maintenance and long lasting

Fast Vac

FastVac Vacuum System will allow an instant evacuation of a bank of cylinders. The 71 cfm Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump will store enough vacuum for your pallet or line of cylinders in a reservoir and automatically release it on queue and then start again

Portable Rotary Pump

  • D25B Vacuum Pump
  • Rotary vacuum pump producing 21 CFM with an ultimate vacuum of 10 microns
  • Pump comes complete with a direct coupled motor, a gas ballast valve, an oil level window, and a special “anti-suckback” device which will automatically isolate the vacuum pump system from the pump in the event of a power failure
  • Includes Krytox lubricant and floor-mount stand.








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