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SuperPro™ Pump Protection Control

/SuperPro™ Pump Protection Control
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Project Description

SuperPro-5 Pump Protection Package, includes an electrical control box and the following features:

  • Pump Packing Blow-By Protection – preventing drive end freezing up from cold gas or liquid leaking past the pushrod gas seals
    • Thermocouple
    • Temperature Controller
  • Pump Prime Protection Kit (Cavitation) to monitor pump discharge temperature and interrupt operation if temperature rises above, and maintains for 45 seconds, a higher temperature than set point. Includes the following:
    • Digital temperature controller with adjustable set point.
    • Thermocouple probe and fittings to tee into discharge line.
    • Time delay relay, adjustable
  • UL10 Pump Unloader Kit, to automatically unload excessive high pressure present in the discharge line of the pump prior to start-up, thereby reducing undue wear and stress on the pump. Includes the following:
    • Air-Actuated Unloader Valve with vent silencer
    • Control components
  • Automatic Liquid Supply and Auto shut-off, automated the cool down cycle and will shut off liquid supply when not in use
    • Liquid Solenoid valve
    • Thermocouple in vent return line
  • VFD, Variable Frequency Drive



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