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Manifolds – StarBoard® Medical Racks

/Manifolds – StarBoard® Medical Racks
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Project Description

Manifolds – StarBoard® Medical Racks

Starboard Racks from CryoVation ensure that your cylinders will not get scratched from contact with the rack. The Starboard HDPE material is light and durable, made from a continuous extrusion; therefore, it is guaranteed not to delaminate during service-life, it also meets FDA approval for direct food contact.

The Benefits of CryoVation Starboard Racks over others:

 Won’t scratch your cylinders during normal filling process

  • Minimal show of any wear, dirt and scratches
  • Starboard material is resistant to high-impact and stress cracks as well as a high energy absorption
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Fills all portable oxygen cylinders (E, D and M6)

 Rack Options:

  • Size:
    • R20, R30, A40, A48 and R60
  • Connection:
    • CGA 870, 540 or Custom CGA (Fastest or WEH Quick Connects available)
  • Inversion:
    • Available at several °angle
  • Row Isolation and Side Headers available with Ceoduex, Rego & Generant Master valves
  • A-Frame Racks are available with wheels
  • See Manifolds section for Industrial Oxygen Manifolds