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SureGas™ System for Continuous Gas Supply

/SureGas™ System for Continuous Gas Supply
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Project Description

SureGas™ System for Continuous Gas Supply

Issue: Interrupted gas supply at pressures above 400 PSI
Many fabrication shops require a constant, uninterrupted gas supply at pressures exceeding
bulk tank capability (laser cutting, injection molding, etc.). For these applications, any pause
in the gas supply can result in lost productivity, ruined workpieces, and even downtime for an
entire operation.
Gas changeover manifolds can be utilized by smaller operations that are using only a limited
amount of product. However, the process of delivering and changing out empty cylinders is
tedious, labor intensive and expensive.

Solution: Smart Control Systems
CryoVation offers its PAC-1 (Pump Automated Control) Console and its CV Cryogenic Pump
to pressurize a high pressure gas pack or reserve bank of cylinders.
The PAC-1 is PLC controlled and will sense a programmed low pressure in the reserve gas
bank to turn on and, at high pressure set-point, turn off again. Regulators control the desired
flow of product into the building. This entire process is automated and requires virtually no
human interaction as long as the liquid source is maintained.