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Self Contained Oxygen Transfill System (PPS)

/Self Contained Oxygen Transfill System (PPS)
Self Contained Oxygen Transfill System (PPS) 2017-08-25T16:25:41+00:00

Project Description

The Self-Contained Oxygen Transfill System is available with our new semi-automated control console that will sense temperature, pressure and vacuum and allow you interface with a color touchscreen.  We also make this system in 2 different flow rates as you will see below:  5000 scfh and 2500 scfh.

Pumps from a standard liquid cylinder (45 gallon, 250 PSI)(or larger) to minimize product losses. The standard loss rate, for competitive systems, is about 30% to cool-down and trans-fill to a separate dewar.

  • Flow rate of 5000 SCFH (equals a fill time of 30 minutes for 100 “E” cylinders).
  • Pump is standard design with over 30 years of production.
  • Built-in safety features include over-pressure and under-temperature shut-off switches, high pressure safety relief valve and over-pressurization vacuum line safety relief.
  • Fills all size medical cylinders (manifolds are sold separately)
  • Includes a liquid oxygen pump and a vacuum pump
  • Powered from a standard 240 volt power source (or 3 Phase hard wire)
  • NEW color touchscreen control console with temperature and pressure transducers






5000 scfh, optional Fill-Free auto control

Portable Pumping Skids up to 10,000 scfh



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