“As a 100% employee owned company, we are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and increase profitability. From the beginning, CryoVation was engaged in working with Oxygen Service to find the best solution to either update or replace our cylinder fill plant equipment. With CryoVation’s assistance, we decided to install a new automated cylinder fill plant. The benefits and increased efficiency of the automated fill system were noticed immediately; the fill process was streamlined, the new plant layout improved cylinder flow and saved valuable floor space. We have been very pleased with CryoVation’s equipment and their support throughout this process.”

– Trevor Kelsey, Specialty/Industrial Gas Plant Manager, Oxygen Service Company, St. Paul MN

A photo of Gerard Castello

“Once you get the recipes established, the computer controls the filling process. Our guys can move up on to the next piece of work and concentrate on managing cylinder distributing and setting up for the next fill instead of being tied to the pumping process.”

– Mark Haun, President, Haun Welding Supply, Syracuse NY

“Jackson Welding & Gas Products recently moved to a new 30,000 sqft facility and installed a CryoVation Semi-Automated Traversing Fill Plant.  The challenge we faced in the move was stopping our cylinder filling operations at our old facility on a Friday, moving bulk tanks and equipment to the new facility and being operational on Monday.  Relying on Ric and his staff’s expertise helped make this daunting task a success and our customer base never experienced an interruption in service.

At the beginning stages of this project Ric analyzed our current requirements, accounted for future growth, helped design the new fill plant to increase cylinder handling efficiency, and installed what I think is a state of the art fill plant which includes the traversing high pressure manifold, semi-automated fill free control panel, inverted medical E racks, semi-automated CO2 fill station, specialty gas panel and manifolds, test equipment and a cylinder bake out oven.

It has been 9 months and the CryoVation equipment has proven to be safe, reliable and has increased our cylinder filling capabilities tremendously.  The fill plant is the core of our operation and a substantial investment.  Teaming up with CryoVation gives me the confidence we can handle growth successfully and see a return on that investment.”


– Jim Schultz, COO, Jackson Welding & Gas Products, Rochester NY

“Before we installed the SureGas™ System, our customer was using cradles of cylinders filled with nitrogen gas to pressurize the machines they were building. This process was using quite a few of these cradles along with man hours of moving cradles. On average, the time to test one of their machines was taking about 3 hours per machine. After we installed the SureGas™ System, the time to pressurize and test one of these machines was now only taking 45 minutes per machine. What a cost of savings right out the gate!”

– Greg Patterson, Albright Welding Supply, Wooster OH

“In the evaluation process to select an O2 filling system, we considered all modalities of service, aspects of reliability, ability to expand the system to meet growth demands, competitive pricing and technical assistance from a distant location.

CryoVation, LLC has been outstanding in all areas exhibiting the necessary “sense of urgency” in providing prompt response and technical direction when minor issues occasionally occurred.

O2 for U, Inc. credits a large part of our rapid success in NE Oklahoma to the support and equipment from CryoVation, LLC”

Visit for additional contact information.

– Steven Keeton, President, O2 for U, Inc.-Tulsa, OK

“Tri-Weld has worked hard to create a safe and efficient fill plant. Part of that is due to the products, technical expertise and great customer service that we receive from the team at CryoVation. We have been very pleased with the equipment and parts that we rely on CryoVation for in order to keep our plant at optimal production. The staff is always available to share their knowledge and help us with challenges and new ideas, so that we can do a better job serving our industrial and medical packaged gas customers.”

– Gerard Castello, Vice President, Tri-Weld Industries. Bay Shore NY


“I wanted to express my sincere thanks to the CryoVation team for their performance during our 2013 Mine Refuge Alternative refit project. The willingness, of the CryoVation team, to go above and beyond, in meeting the extraordinary demands of this intense project, is appreciated immensely. The CryoVation commitment, to quality workmanship, was fundamental to Strata’s ability to meet our customer needs during this project. Please convey my thanks to the entire CryoVation team”

– David Maust, Vice President and General Manager, Strata Safety Chambers


“With CryoVation’s equipment, we streamlined all our filling systems…and we’re more cost-effective”

– Kelly Sims, President, Sims Welding Supply CO. Long Beach, CA

“I tried for several years to put in my own bulk tanks, but neither of the two companies I worked with could provide the requirements for the city permit. Three months ago, Dave London of CryoVation unexpectedly visited our store and assured me he could help us get the permit. Within one week, CryoVation accomplished that seemingly impossible task. I will have the tanks installed shortly and cannot praise CryoVation enough! If you need any services for cryogenics, I urge you to call them – they are the best of the best.”

-Richard K. Segal, County Welding Equipment Co., Pompano Beach FL  


“Our most recent purchase of the CryoVation Water Bath Vaporizer has greatly improved our cycle times in filling carbon dioxide mixtures. With our old heater it was taking on average over 25 minutes to fill a rack of C25 with its CO2 component. Now the CO2 is averaging less than 10 minutes to fill which is saving us over 15 minutes per rack. With the combination of reducing overtime and increasing output in our existing facility, this capital expenditure will pay for itself in a very short time frame and generate a nice return on investment for years to come.”   

-Jeff Williams, President, Professional Welding Supply


“I really love using CryoVation’s panel.  The valves are a wonderful contrast to others used in our industry by competitors.  I also like the digital high pressure gauge.  We have been using the manifold and control panel CryoVation built for us, almost constantly, since we installed it. We have filled well over 2,000 cylinders with it and it works perfectly.”

-John Gabris, Cee Kay Supply

Purity Cylinder

 “We ran our new Deoxo Purifier today and it ran like a dream. The product was also very good. 0.05 PPM O2.”

– Bruce Spaanstra, Purity Cylinder Gases Inc, Grand Rapids MI



“Our experience with CryoVation was great. Our new fill station is both state-of-the-art and easy to use. Most importantly, the communication between Ryan Boyd and my staff was excellent and our machine was delivered at the time it was promised.

Rick, who installed our PPS-5000, was an excellent trainer and educator. He continues to be a valued resource to our company and we know we can always call him when we have a question regarding our fill station.”

-Ben Cohen, President, Acute Care Gases