The Compressed Gas Association, Setting the standard for safety throughout the U.S. and Canada
Sponsored by American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc., the Charles H. Glasier Award is presented annually to an individual in recognition of their safety leadership in the industrial gas industry.
This year’s recipient is Joseph Bernacki of CryoVation, who has been an active member of CGA since 1978. In that time, he has served on numerous CGA committees and supported over 100 work items. He has often served in leadership roles and lead the development of several critical publications that stand today as the highest standards for industry safety. Beyond CGA, he has shared his expertise as a participant in ISO standards development.
In addition to the standards work that he has contributed to over the years, Joseph Bernacki is viewed by many as a mentor. His committee peers recognize him as a staunch advocate for the advancement of safety. Throughout his CGA involvement, he has demonstrated the qualities of leadership, safety stewardship, and active participation recognized by this award.
The entire CryoVation team is honored to learn from and work with Joe!

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