Navigating the 2024 Gas Market: A Glimpse into the Future with PurityPlus

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In the heart of California’s renowned wine country, an event poised to shape the future of the specialty gas industry is on the horizon. The Annual PurityPlus® meeting, taking place at the Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country in Santa Rosa, CA, from February 26th to February 28th, promises an engaging and insightful exploration of the 2024 gas market.

A Confluence of Expertise

PurityPlus® represents a nationwide partnership of select independent specialty gas companies, united under a single brand to deliver certified-quality products and unparalleled customer service. This collaboration not only strengthens the capabilities of each member but also enhances their competitive edge in the local market. As we convene in Santa Rosa, the focus will be on providing the tools and knowledge necessary for our companies to navigate and thrive in the evolving specialty gas market.

Why Attend?

Whether you are already a part of the PurityPlus family, contemplating joining, or simply keen to gain a deeper understanding of the gas industry, this meeting is an invaluable opportunity. It’s not just a conference; it’s a platform for growth, learning, and networking. Participants will:

  • Receive the latest updates and initiatives from PurityPlus.
  • Dive into a comprehensive overview of the gas market.
  • Explore CO2 presentations covering supply, plants, distribution, and markets.
  • Uncover best practices for Specialty Gas labs, ISO certification, and beyond.
  • Discover new and emerging opportunities in the specialty gas market.
  • Engage in roundtable discussions with PurityPlus committees.
  • Benefit from vendor partner presentations.

A Meeting of Minds

The PurityPlus meeting is more than an event; it’s a meeting of minds. Industry experts, producers, and vendors come together to share knowledge, challenges, and opportunities. The agenda is meticulously crafted to ensure ample time for presentations, committee meetings, and, importantly, networking. These interactions are the bedrock of innovation and progress in our industry.

Elevate Your Understanding and Impact

This gathering is a rare chance to elevate your understanding of the gas market and to directly impact your business’s strategic direction. With the industry at a pivotal moment of change, staying ahead means being informed, connected, and proactive. The PurityPlus meeting is your gateway to achieving just that.

2024 Annual PurityPlus Meeting

Join Us

We encourage all IWDC members to mark their calendars and make their way to Santa Rosa. This is more than a meeting; it’s a step towards the future of the specialty gas industry. Your participation and active engagement will not only benefit your company but also contribute to the collective success of our industry.

Prepare to be inspired, educated, and connected. The future of the gas market awaits, and together, we can navigate it successfully. See you at the Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country for an event that promises to set the tone for the year ahead in the specialty gas industry.