Project Description

MasterSense CO2 Residual Moisture Sensor

CryoVation’s MasterSense System is designed to detect residual moisture in carbon dioxide cylinders. This unit was developed primarily for the beverage industry but is applicable to all CO2 cylinder re-filling.

MasterSense detects residual moisture in an empty cylinder within 20 seconds. This system may be provided as a stand-alone pre-fill testing system or incorporated into one of CryoVation’s CO2 manual, semi-automatic or automated filling systems (Pallet-configuration SequeFill, QuadFill or Dual Auto Switchover).


  • Single or Dual Cylinder testing
  • Includes vacuum pump and Operator Interface LCD Screen with PLC control
  • Easy calibration to ensure accuracy


  • Ensures the safe filling of CO2 cylinders by detecting the presence of a possible corrosion-causing residual liquid
  • Reduces labor by eliminating the need for cylinder inversion

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