Project Description

PPS, Portable Pumping System

CryoVation can offer you several options for filling your own cylinders! In this case, the PPS has several advantages that may suit your need:

  • Small form factor to fit tight areas
  • No need for bulk source
  • Portable

Suitable for a single Inert gas, Oxygen or multiple gases, the CryoVation PPS is a great choice when your volume does not demand a large cylinder filling operation or if you need to fill from a small VGL/dewer or micro bulk liquid source. Sometimes a PPS is preferred when you need to fill inert gases to 4500 (300 Bar) or 6000 (400 Bar) PSI when you cannot do it on your industrial system. The system comes with everything you need to start filling your own cylinders. Discover huge savings by filling your own medical or inert gases, control your own inventory! The system is also expandable, if you find yourself needing to fill form a bulk source, you can take everything on this system and apply it to a bulk source.

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