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Specialty Gas Equipment

Specialty Gas is often considered different things, but essentially it is a gas that needs proven it is “What it is”. Typically filled gravimetrically¬† in cylinders properly prepped. CryoVation can offer you the product you will need to do part of this or all of this.

  • Purification – If your source product does not meet your need, you need a better source, or more commonly, a purifier. CryoVation has several options as well as custom options available. See here for more info.
  • Cylinder Prep – Cylinder preparation may be the biggest hurdle in filling your own specialty gases. Good GMP’s and a bakeout will generally give you what you need. CryoVation has a leading edge bakeout, for more info click here.
  • Filling Equipment – Generally filled gravimetric with a high vacuum, fill equipment for specialty gas is very precise and does not allow for contaminants to be re-entered into the system and cylinders. CryoVation manufacturers several options, depending on what you want to fill. Our most common piece of equipment is our Fusion-10. The Fusion-10 allows for up to 10 gases at 1 control panel with manual or semi-automated controls. is so popular because of its diversity and precision filling.
  • Analysis – Once you have filled your cylinders, now you have to prove it is “What it is” That is done with analyzers and several other controls. CryoVation can help with that as well as any training you may need. For more info on filling specialty gas products, contact CryoVation, here.

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